Fonte di Versailles

Why Fonte di Versailles?

Rustling palm trees, scent of fresh mountain air and balmy beach envelope this 9-hectare discovery. You can also laze around the lagoon or brisk-walk along the promenade or soothe yourself from a long day’s work at the Wellness Park or simply enjoy dinner with the family at the clubhouse by the beach. This modern and Italian-inspired village by the sea is Fonte di Versailles.

Facilities for quality and healthy living such as spa, tennis, resort-style pools and nature trails make up this whole neighborhood a melting pot for wellness and diversion for the whole family.

Sophia Unit (Php 5.3M - 6.1M)*
Briella Unit (Php 6.9M - 7.2M)*

*Prices are as of October 4, 2017

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